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3 Underrated Baylor Players in 2019

NCAA Football: Duke at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With less than 3 weeks left to go until the first football game I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the more underrated guys on the team. These players aren’t necessarily unknowns, but rather guys who haven’t yet received the attention they deserve.

1.) Kolby Bullard #38 - For the first time in a while it seemed like Baylor was pretty much automatic in short yardage situations last year. Much of that credit was justifiably given to Jalen Hurd, but Kolby Bullard deserves some appreciation as well. He became the full-time starter after an injury and truly made a difference. When you turn on the film there aren’t many times where he whiffs on a block. Playing fullback may not be a position where a player can put up big numbers, but Kolby Bullard made a big difference last year.

2.) Tyquan Thorton #81 - Baylor has had wide receivers put up bigger statistics as freshman, but I’m not sure I can remember one being as well rounded. Tyquan finished the 2018 season with just 20 receptions and 3 Touchdowns, but it was in the matter that he accomplished those numbers that has me excited. He seemingly did it in all possible ways; there was acrobatic catches against Duke and Kansas, burning defenders against Texas Tech, and showing the ability to get some YAC against Vanderbilt. To be fair I think most fans recognize his talent, but can overlook him when discussing receivers due to the quality depth at the position.

3.) Christian Morgan #29 - One of the most versatile defenders Baylor has had in a long time. In 2018, he blocked two punts, forced a fumble, and recorded an interception. Although they played different positions, the former Baylor player he reminds me most of is Travon Blanchard. Both guys capable of helping the defense out in multiple ways and getting to the ball fast. Right now Morgan is being overshadowed by upperclassmen on defense, but look to him being a future leader if he can put together a strong sophomore season.