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Blake Lynch Is Primed For A Breakout Senior Year

NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-Baylor vs Vandebilt Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Generally, by a player’s senior year fans know what to expect from that individual, or have a good idea about what his ceiling can be. But every once in a while, a player will come from out of nowhere and shatter expectations.

Baylor has had a few breakout senior success stories in the recent past. In 2015 Jay Lee went from a nice possession receiver to being a top-target in crucial parts of the ballgame. Patrick Levels tripled his production on the defensive side of the ball in 2016. And last year Greg Roberts came on strong and inserted himself as a relatively dominant pass rusher for the Bears.

This year my pick for a senior breakout player is Blake Lynch. After five years of being on campus it appears he finally has a steady home on the defense. That, coupled with him playing his best football down the stretch in 2018 leads me to believe that he has his best football still ahead of him. With Lynch’s athleticism I could conceivably see him as being the 3rd best player on defense.

Obviously, for the Bears to take that next step the defense will have to play better. And with a good portion of the defensive line production leaving, either the inexperienced players replacing them will have to step up, or the Bears back 7 players will have to play better. After seeing him improve throughout the 2018 season, Blake Lynch is a prime candidate to make that leap.