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The Baylor Football Texas Tour - Fort Worth

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I had the chance to attend the Baylor Football Texas Tour in Fort Worth a couple of weeks ago. The dinner featured Jeff Nixon, Joey McGuire, and David Wetzel. Below are a few thoughts and observations on the evening.

  • The rumor (if you can call it that) of John Lovett getting a look at safety is 100% true. All coaches believe he has the physical capabilities to make the transition and that there is no “downside” to the move.
  • James Lockhart was the name given by the coaches when discussing a breakout player.
  • Coach Nixon mentioned that one thing the staff will be looking at in fall camp is the battle for the backup QB position.
  • Very impressed with coach Nixon. He spoke very confidently when discussing the upcoming season. He talked about the goal being to compete for a Big 12 championship.
  • Of course the coaches are “exciiiiiiited” about every single player that was asked about. And it seemed like every player had a “great” spring. So of course there was a lot of coach speak, but that is expected at these kind of events.

Overall it was a great night among Baylor fans. All the coaches were extremely personable and took the time to answer every question.