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Matt Rhule Reveals His Script

Rhule reveals some of his recipe.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Texas-San Antonio Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I wrote about how Matt Rhule is seemingly doubling-down on his recruiting philosophy, disregarding recruiting profiles and trusting his staff’s evaluations and ability to develop.

Trying to help this become a two-part series, 247sports delivered a wonderfully elucidating article on how analytics play a part in recruiting, including many quotes from Rhule. At the forefront of this strategy is Baylor, as the article highlights how Rhule has long chosen to utilize track times along with other measureables as opposed to star ratings.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Rhule Honed His Approach At Temple and has Kept it at Baylor

Rhule Ain’t Interested in Your Wes Welker Types

It’s All About Development

When Filling Recruiting Classes, Rhule Doesn’t Count Positions

This last quote is particularly interesting, as recent Baylor commit Brooks Miller, a 6’2 freak athlete probably headed for LB, blew up at a TCU camp but did not earn an offer because, as he said in an interview with David Smoak, they wanted to offer a scholarship but “did not have a spot open.” Rhule says I don’t care about the position overload, give me all the athletes.

Anyway, give the article a full read, it is very elucidating and has more quotes from Rhule and assistant coach Evan Cooper.