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Mack Rhoades Announces Lead Gift Allowing Baylor to Move Forward on Basketball Pavilion Project

Baylor athletic director Mack Rhoades at a press conference today announced that a lead gift for the Baylor basketball pavilion has been provided in the wake of the massive $100 million donation to the university last week. The pavilion, which is estimated to cost $105 million, is now in a position to formally move forward with construction planning and design.

Both Baylor men’s and women’s basketball will move into the facility once it is complete. Rhoades emphasized that the Ferrell Center will remain in use for other sports such as volleyball and acrobatics & tumbling.

The fieldhouse is expected to be a downsize in terms of capacity, but a massive upgrade in quality (similar to the approach taken when transitioning from Floyd Casey to McLane Stadium). The stadium will be on the Brazos next to the baseball field.

Rhoades mentioned that construction will begin as soon as possible, but planning and some additional fundraising is needed. He said the athletics department needs to raise roughly $30 million more dollars to fully fund the pavilion, which will include the fieldhouse and a practice facility. But, he is confident those funds can be raised relatively quickly.