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Baylor Unveils “United” Uniforms Across Athletics

NCAA Football: Abilene Christian at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the spring game, Baylor athletics released their new set of Nike redesigned uniforms, intended to better “unite” the look of Baylor athletics across all major sports.

The most significant difference comes in the color scheme, which has been universalized across sports. The gold is a much deeper gold, much like the Green Bay Packers or West Virginia.

Here are the new football uniforms:

Besides the color, these uniforms stand out as being much cleaner than the former kits: no bear paws, bolder numbers, etc. Also, an all gold uniform set (including a gold helmet) is a new addition. The growling bear on the collar is a nice touch too. I’ll be curious to see how these look mix and matched and if any further alternates get revealed in the season. I personally love all of these.

Baylor Men’s Basketball:

These whites are FLAME. The greens are good too. Hoping neon still makes its way in as an alternate.

ALSO MBB will still have unis with neon in the color scheme. Phew:

Baylor Women’s Basketball:

The greys are AWESOME. So are the rest of the unis. Love the highlights around the arms.

Baylor Baseball:

Once again some more incredible greys.. (gotta think football will get a grey alternate like they have in years past with all these?) Whites are clean too.

Baylor Softball:

Solid, classic looks here.

Baylor Soccer:

More greys! Really good whites too (Nike has white uniforms DOWN).

Baylor Volleyball:

Solid white look.

New Branding:

New secondary logo!

Let us know your favorites, least favorites, and overall thoughts in the comments!