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Baylor Goes Down To OSU, 67-64

USC v Baylor Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Oklahoma State came into the Ferrell Center and ruined senior night, defeating Baylor 67-64. It was a game where Baylor seemed to lack urgency for most of the night. The Baylor seniors, King McClure and Makai Mason, opened the game scoring the teams first 10 points, but combined for just 4points in the second half. The Bears looked to be in control most of the night, but let the Cowboys hang around until they finally took the lead late in the 2nd half.

- Mason played with a lot of determination tonight. He finished with 19 points and was perfect from the free-throw line. It felt like he did a better job penetrating the lane tonight even though he got swatted a few times. He played a great first half and that’s more than what he has done in the last few games. Hopefully, he will be back to putting together a productive full game soon enough.

- Matthew Mayer looks to be out of the rotation for now. There hasn’t been much reason to complain about his reduction in minutes lately, but I felt like tonight we could’ve used him. It just seemed like the team needed a jolt to come from someone throughout much of the evening.

- Jared Butler was ready to take over the game before he was called for his 5th foul. At that point he had scored 6 straight points and had a hop in his step. The Bears didn’t lose because of the call, but I can honestly say it was the worst call I’ve seen all year in all of basketball.

- Give credit to Oklahoma State. They have played good basketball the last few weeks.

I’m not sure this means anything as far this teams potential going forward. I still think we are gonna be a tough out in March and a team nobody will look forward to play. Unfortunately, it does look like it will take a lot more work in Kansas City to get Baylor off that dreaded 8/9