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Baylor Completes Biggest Comeback in Recent Memory. Takes Down Texas 84-83

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor completed an epic comeback on Wednesday night, defeating Texas 84-83. Devonte Bandoo and Mario Kegler led the way with a combined 42 points. Once down 19 points, the Bears clawed (pun intended) their way back to force overtime. Maybe even more impressive was the resiliency the Bears showed down 6 in overtime, with under 2 minutes left. Jared Butler continues to have ice-water in his veins. When he hit that 3-point shot to make it a one possession game, I had a feeling that Baylor would complete the comeback.

- It looked like it was going to be the Longhorns night throughout the entire game. Not only did they shoot lights out from beyond the arch, but they answered every time Baylor tried to make a run the first 30 minutes of the game. Would’ve been real easy to just go through the motions the last 10 minutes of the game. The way the team battles is a testament to Scott Drew.

- Mario Kegler is showing some real maturation on the Court. Late in the game he grabbed an offensive rebound and drove into the paint, opting to dish it out for a Bandoo corner 3-pointer, rather than forcing a shot. The way he was playing nobody would’ve blamed him for doing that because he kinda earned that right, but by passing the ball it really showed the selflessness in his game.

- Baylor accomplished all of this with a combined 6 points from Mason and McClure.

- I think Shaka Smart is coaching for his job the next 4 games. With their backs against the wall his team was not able to close out a game with a 19-point lead. That’s an extremely athletic Texas team (especially with Roach) and they have no business being .500 in the conference this year.