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Football, Halloween, 8-0

The Growl-O-Ween game will be added to my favorite game day experiences list as it had a little bit of everything like costumes, candy, Halloween themed tailgates, a perfect Fall night for football, and a great game. There was as much excitement in the stands as on the field. During the crucial blocked field goal in the 4th Q by our Bears, I was breaking up a fight between a very mature WVU fan and a very mature BU fan. At least they still had some fight left in them...sorta. All I had to do was raise my voice and they settled down just in time for the key play. On to the Tailgate crashing.

Bumped into ODBer Andrew Tugel, who I always enjoy seeing:

ODBer Joe Ferguson was all in with his Bear Growl-O-Ween costume:

The Harvill Hall tailgate had a fun and creatively creepy tailgate, but my buddy Jane had stepped away for a moment:

Enjoyed the Mac Attack tailgate, but they need that dog on a leash!

Loved hanging out with these Bear mamas. Ms. Henderson, Dr. Sneed, and Ms. Smith. They got me fired up!

Now to the game:

Baylor Twitters reaction when they heard WVU DT Dante Still call our OL soft in the 1st Q:

When the ref called RJ Sneed out of bounds what looked like a TD catch you were:

But when they reviewed it an called it a TD your mood quickly changed:

Then in the 3rd Q WVU connected on the 83 yd quick strike TD to tie the game you were:

But Mims sent a message to WVU by giving us the lead again on the 21 yd TD pass from Brewer that you don’t mess with Baylor:

It was nerve racking when WVU lined up for the FG to tie the game in the 4th, but our D tripped them up by blocking the attempt:

Once again our D played lights out as they consistently shut the door on WVU’s offense:

8-0 Baby!!!!

Just #SicTCU !!!!