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3 Keys to a Baylor Victory on Saturday

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

1.) Eye Discipline – TCU has one of the best rushing attacks in the whole conference. Led by two senior running backs, Darius Anderson and Sewo Olonilua, the Horned Frogs rushing attack offers a diverse variety of weapons. Anderson is more of the home-run hitting speedster, Sewo is the prototypical power back that is most effective in short-yardage situations, and Max Duggan has proven to have deceptive athleticism with the ability to make defenders miss. Consequently, TCU relies on the zone-read a lot and they are fairly good at it. And if Baylor is to stop the potent rushing attack, good linebacker play is especially important. It’s very easy to fall for the fakes and one false step can lead to huge plays for TCU. Having success defending zone read teams is a lot like defending triple option teams; reading your keys and not getting too greedy is of the upmost importance. This is the type of game where you really wish Baylor still had Clay Johnston. The physicality of a downhill rushing attack can take its toll by the 4th quarterback. It would have been a huge boost to have an extra linebacker rotate in and out and help shoulder the load

2.) Offensive Creativity – Gary Patterson must be extremely excited after watching the Bears give up 8 sacks to West Virginia last Thursday night. Coupled with that, a win over a top-15 team at home will go a long way in helping TCU fans forget some of their disappointment in 2019. I expect TCU to be aggressive early and often in Saturday’s ballgame. To counter the Bears need to make sure they are keeping the Horned Frogs defense honest. Running screens, draws, and throwing in a few surprises will help keep TCU off balance. The Horned Frogs are always well coached on the defensive side of the ball and Saturday should be no different.

3.) Contain Jalen Reagor – Jalen Reagor has the capability to put the whole team on his back and single handily change momentum of a game. He did it against the Bears last year as he went for over a hundred total yards and 2 touchdowns. And he can do it in multiple ways. Countless times he has made game-changing plays as a punt returner, receiver, and even rushing the football. I expect him to get the ball early and often as he does what he can to help instill confidence into his quarterbacks.