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Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images

This game was hands down the best experience I’ve ever had at McLane, and I’ve been to every game since it opened. The atmosphere all day long was amazing capped off by a disappointing outcome, but still great game and environment.

They came by land, sea, and air (literally) to see this epic matchup:

The day started early with ESPN College GameDay being at McLane. Of course, I couldn’t miss out on this experience:

They needed an expert to navigate the GameDay bus along the Brazos to McLane, so I volunteered. Yep, it’s as cool in real life as it is on TV. Shoutout to my new friend Bobby, lower left corner with me, who is the REAL navigator of the GameDay bus.

I meet up with some un-athletic friends (bottom), led by ODB ringleaders Daddingo (John Spaulding) and MarkTBowers, in the Letterman’s lounge for breakfast. Evidently they’ll let just anybody in. It was also great connecting with unabashed and unashamed Baylor fan T-Rex (upper left) and my buddy the talented Baylor Bear and Dave Campbell Sports writer Shehan Jeyarah (upper right). He said he was working lol.

ODB’s Poppy Bear and I got to be on GameDay for a brief moment. But hey, we got to keep the hard hats:

I finally met ODB’s Yodes at his sailgate and enjoyed some awesome ribs, brisket, and sausage:

Now for the game itself:

Our team had prepared well for OU:

The team and the fans were excited to see what would happen on Saturday:

The first half was all Baylor as we pounded OU and went into halftime up 31-10:

This would be a good time to let everyone know that there were no Sooner Schooner mishaps. Well, except on our score board:

Then the second half began and OU came out focused and determined:

What it looked like watching OU score 24 un-answered points to come back and take the lead:

What you looked like watching the OU comeback in the second half:

How we felt about, and still do, our team after the game:

Ok it’s not a Rocky theme, but it fits what we believe about our Bears meeting OU again this season:

Let’s break the attendance record this Saturday and Horns Down the ‘horns! #SicUT