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Football, Defense, Some Offense, Heart Attacks

Whew what a game, but our Bears gritted, gutted, and grinded it out to beat our rival up North while moving to 9-0 for the season. The game was a roller coaster, but not in the traditional sense as it didn’t really start until we had already played 59:24. That would translate to us beginning with 36 seconds left in regulation.

Your level of excitement watching our offensive during almost all of regulation:

Your level of excitement watching our Defense dominate in regulation:

Grayland to everyone when he seemingly muffed the punt with a little over 3 minutes left, but ended up being the smartest man in the stadium knowing that it was a free play for Baylor:

When you saw Mayers and a teammate praying right before the 51 FG attempt, you joined in:

What Mayers 51 yard FG to tie the game with seconds left in regulation felt like to TCU:

The TCU towel girl right after Mayers made the FG realizing she wasn’t done for the day, but had to shadow Patterson (and his sweat) into Overtime:

Watching our Offense in Overtime, particularly Brewer and Mims:

Watching TCU’s Hunt one handed catch (literally one hand in the end zone while controlling the ball) TD to extend OT you were:

When the refs correctly overturned Duggans TD run in OT because his pinkie toe was out of bounds, you said to the TCU fans around you:

When Grayland got the game ending interception:

9-0 has a nice ring to it, but 10-0 sounds better. Let’s #SicOU! See you on GameDay!

Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images