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Couldn’t Be Me Recap: You Know Why I’m Here

A football game was played. Somebody won it. It wasn’t TCU.

Baylor v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Hellooooooooooooo Baylor Nation. We all know what’s about to happen here. We’ve been building towards this the entire time we’ve been doing the Couldn’t Be Me together. And today is the day we’ve all been waiting for.

Baylor beat TCU. And we’re gonna talk about it.

But I don’t want to just sit here and attack ole’ Texas Christian University.

They’re our little brothers and I’m worried about them. We shouldn’t gang up on them right now. Think of this more as an intervention.

Looking back, it’s troubling to me that we just never noticed what TCU was going through. Or we just didn’t care. They were functioning just fine, or so we thought. They were winning some games. They were hanging around in others. Everything wasn’t perfect but it’s never perfect for anybody, you know? TCU wasn’t any worse off than the rest of us, right? Hell, TCU messed around and pulled it together enough to beat us last year. But the signs were there all along.

Getting SMACKED by Ohio State.

Getting SMACKED by Oklahoma.

Losing to Kansas in football on a butt fumble

Playing the worst college football game I’ve ever seen against Cal

Somehow we ignored all these signs. We said “it’s TCU, it’s Gary Patterson, they’ll be fine”

Well, y’all did. I, for one, told y’all TCU stinks.


People refused to believe me for whatever reason. And we let TCU go on pretending nothing was happening. But now look at them.

A scrappy underdog that put up a good fight against a Goliath they couldn’t beat. I mean hey they gave an undefeated team all they could handle.

Look at our SB Nation counterpart Frogs O’ War. You’ll see multiple articles preaching about the encouraging positives. “The Revivalry is just about football again and it’s fun!” They’re putting on a brave face but we have to figure out what’s going on here. Something is amiss.

Let’s investigate further.

In the standings above, you’ll see some pretty wild things.

1st, that Alabama’s best win of the season will most likely be over a team that finished either 3rd or 4th in their division and people will insist they’ve done enough to be in the playoffs anyway without a conference title.

But on the Big 12 side, consider just how sad it is that some of these names are in front of 7th-place (7TH PLACE!!!!!) TCU.

Gary Patterson is in his 19th season as TCU’s head coach. He’s won the Rose Bowl, he’s won a fake share of the Big 12 title, he’s well respected for his coaching prowess, he’s got a statue on campus, he’s gotten players into the NFL, all of that.

Texas and Oklahoma have some inherited advantages built in to their programs so it makes sense those teams have better conference records than TCU (even if Texas has not proven to actually be the better team). And Oklahoma State, I mean nobody ever really knows what’s going on with those dudes anymore so whatever.


Can somebody please explain to me why Kansas State and their brand new head coach, for whom almost none of the above things are true, are already better than TCU? There’s no inherent advantage to being Kansas State. It’s not like they’re in a hotbed of recruiting talent or near a major metropolitan area kids would want to live in or anything like that. They don’t have a rich and storied national brand. They didn’t have a sudden influx of 5-star talent. They’re just better.

Similarly, why is Iowa State better than TCU? Again, they’ve never really done anything where you’d say they just deserve to be better than TCU. Not way in the past and not in recent years either. They don’t have a ton of money they throw around. They’re not blowing you away with recruiting classes. Most people wouldn’t say their coach is better. So what’s the deal? There’s really no excuse to be getting smacked around and stunted on by those dudes.

Even given those 2 examples of TCU’s massive failings as a football program, I think the most egregious name that TCU allowed to pass them up and move into contention for the Big 12 title over the last few years is obvious. It’s Baylor.

As Charles Barkley once said, “we are going to have a dialogue.” An open and honest discussion must take place so that we can get to the bottom of this.

Someone please explain to me how after everything that happened in 2016 when Baylor sabotaged itself and had to unplug the football program and then turn it back on again, with 1 commitment from before Matt Rhule’s hiring and all the dirt in the world for negative recruiting, Baylor finished only 2 spots behind TCU in the national recruiting rankings?

And then, in 2017, Baylor won 1 (one) football game. There were rumors Matt Rhule would leave for the NFL that year, and if not then then probably really soon. Before any of the incoming recruits would graduate for sure! And TCU was pretty good! They made a Big 12 title game they had no chance at winning, but they made it! They were a solid team. So like...why did Baylor have the 24th ranked recruiting class compared to TCU’s 25th (ESPN)? Make it make sense!

Then this year they had a better class of incoming freshmen than we did (32nd vs 34th) but as best I can tell that’s only because they took more guys than we did, not better ones. Anyway, I think given the numbers you just saw, it’s safe to say that Baylor and TCU have been equal in terms of recruiting during Matt Rhule’s tenure - which is kind of a failure on their part in and of itself.

So, why then is TCU in scrappy underdog, “we’re in the rebuild right now but happier days are just around the corner” mode while Baylor is undefeated, hosting College Gameday, and 1 win away from locking down a spot in the Big 12 title game? Why is Baylor already back to beating TCU at their stadium after the program blew itself up and started over? Why does TCU’s campus look like a La Quinta and nearly all of their sports and most of their academic programs continue to lag behind ours?

The answer to these questions is simple. And I want any TCU fans who may have found their way here to hear the truth and accept it so that they can start the road to recovery.


Couldn’t Be Me. 29-23.