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SB Nation FanPulse: Baylor Ranked 6th

Sic ‘Em!

While the College Football Playoff Committee might not like Baylor yet, SB Nation’s FanPulse does. The Bears are now ranked No. 6.

The FanPulse vote is a collection of SB Nation site votes. The ranking had Baylor lower than most other rankings earlier in the season. But the SB Nation sites appear to value being undefeated more than other ranking systems.

Baylor fans are confident in the direction of the football program:

And the basketball program still has wide support. Our Daily Bears’ Fan Confidence came in at 95.1%. The Bears lost to Washington on Friday, but Baylor was in control for most of the contest. Baylor doesn’t need any moral victories, but Tristan Clark is still coming back from his season-ending injury last year. I’m guessing most Baylor fans understand the 2019-2020 Bears will be better later in the season.