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Football, Food, and Fun

Whew! What an exciting game. Say what you will, but our Bears are 4-0 baby! Nothing will ever be like the 61-58 (see footnote for reference) last second victory, but this was pretty good and immensely satisfying.

As I like to do, a shoutout to some of the tailgates that I crashed...I mean, stopped by. The folks at ABEARICA! were gracious in offering me some food and libation:

The W folks took me under their wing:

They had this drink called a homemade margarita. Of course I had never heard of such before so I had to taste it and it turned out to be...

So fun meeting the winner of the BNT ISU ticket giveaway during half time, Kimwaco22 and her daughter (no they didn’t have to endure sitting with me during the game):

On to the game:

The inability for both teams to move the ball and score during the 1st Quarter you had mixed reactions:

And when we did have a chance at a FG, but missed you were thinking “Here we go again.”:

Finally when we got on the board first with the Mims TD reception, you were:

And the huge block of the ISU FGA right before the half you couldn’t be contained:

With 2 more scores in the second half and our defense dominating, you envisioned Phil Snow as

But in the 4th Quarter when ISU mounted a furious comeback and took a 21-20 lead it felt like Mayhem had taken control of the game and we were spiraling out of control:

It all came down to true freshman John Mayers and his leg in the last minute to convert a game winning field goal attempt. Being 0-2 on the year you were nervous, but then he cooly delivered giving us a 23-21 lead:

ISU having one last chance, when Lockhart forced the fumble and Blake Lynch forced the fumble to seal the victory you were:

Now on to Manhattan where we will keep the streak alive!



*Footnote - 61-58 is a reference to