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Football, Funny, Who Would Have Thunk It

I can’t remember a more enjoyable bye day of football. Yes it was torturous that our Bears weren’t playing, but wow, the games were so entertaining and greatly helped us. It was such a wacky day that I’m glad we had a bye. I thought the best way to share what happened was through the magnificence of FS cartoons.

First the Tech vs Kansas debacle. I’m not saying KU should not have won, but the way they did it was unlike anything I have ever witnessed (yes, I’ve blocked out the Kevin Steele coached UNLV game) which secured the KU victory. Tech...bless their hearts:

OU vs KSU was entertaining in a different way as OU was a huge favorite and what they thought would be a day playing with kitties turned into an attack by wildcats:

Texas vs TCU was no less entertaining as we always enjoy watching the “We’re back...” team crash back to reality every season. Just as they escaped disaster against Kansas, it caught up with them the next week in Fort Worth:

And it seems that ISU lured the wrong team into Aimes last week:

Not a Big 12 game but significant and Texas based, the weirdness began on Thursday as SMU barely averted a trap game disaster bye eeking out the win over Houston:

I’m so ready and fired up for our Growl-O-Ween game vs West Virginia, but we need to be careful and take care of business:

Looking forward to Trick or Treating at your tailgate or sailgate. If you see me around McLane come up and say “hi”. Let’s Sic WVU!