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Football, Offense, Defense, and Prizes

I can’t think of a better way to get past a Bye day then drop the OSU Game In Gifs article, which obviously is the next best thing to watching our Bears play.

Hopefully many of you will be at the nationally televised Growl-O-Ween game on Thursday at McLane. To help some of you make up your mind, I will be giving away 2 seat back covered (supposed to rain) seats. No, you don’t have to sit with me. *Disclaimer - you will be required to have a picture taken with BNT. Rules: In comments below or on Twitter tell the spookiest thing that ever happened to you at Baylor (or to a friend, family, or loved one) or share a picture of the costume you would wear to the game. The most likes wins.

Now to the game. Knowing how hard it’s been for us to win in Stillwater and the Cowboys having 2 weeks to prepare, your feelings going into the game were:

But when Lovett ripped off a nice 25 yd TD giving us the early lead in the first quarter you were:

*Subliminal shoutout to the ‘stros

But the assurance is short lived as we once again have trouble scoring in the first half and OSU goes into the locker room with the lead, your response:

To get ready for our comeback, you had nice protein drink during halftime:

Your confidence took a little hit as OSU built a 10 point lead in the 3rd Quarter, but your positive Bear friend watching with you tried to instill hope:

And the comeback over OSU (we’re getting good at that) begins first with a Hasty TD run, then a Brewer TD pass to Fleeks, and rushing TD by Brewer to take the lead in the 4th you were:

With OSU driving the ball while we were holding onto a slim lead, you were nervous once again but watched Bernard recovered an OSU fumble and take it in for a touchdown:

*Subliminal shoutout #2 to the ‘stros

With a us having a comfy 11 point lead, Poke fans wondered if they could come back. The answer was obvious and they started streaming out of Boone Pickens Stadium:

Speaking of Bernard, all game long he was like:

Hope you watch or come to the Growl-O-Ween game on Thursday:

Let’s fill McLane!