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Football, Food, Fun...and Some Tech Tears

Whew, what a game. I’m still hoarse from yelling! But, our Bears did what needed to be done and pulled out the W. I feel bad for the Tech fans (sarcasm intended) driving the 6.5 hours back to Lubbock after the loss...bless their hearts.

Tailgating crashing was productive as the atmosphere for Homecoming was fantastic. Thanks to the Bears Rhule tailgate for putting up with me for a while. Such an inviting and good looking group. They even made me look ok:

Shoutout to the Sic Em 522 crew who had the most amazing rub for their burgers:

My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Even though it wasn’t part of tailgating, our awesome Baylor Line not only represented but were loud and proud the entire game!

Now to the game:

What you felt like doing to the Tech fans sitting in BU season ticket holder seats right behind you that were being obnoxious the entire game (till the end...heh...heh...heh):

Watching our usual first half offensive assault with both teams accounting for 3 field goals total, you tried to entertain yourself any way you could even though your friends were not amused:

But in the 2nd Half when Charlie led the comeback scoring 2 TD’s to give us the lead, but with his legs not his arm you were a bit confused but still:

When Clay intercepted a Duffy pass in the 4th to end a Tech drive, but got injured on the play you were:

With Tech down 17-13 with time running out in the 4th and we apparently had a safety on them that basically assured the win for us, but the refs overruled the call without reviewing you:

Tech scored the go ahead TD with 1:37 left in the 4th Quarter you felt like:

But then Charlie led a beautiful drive to set us up for a game tying field goal all of the fans were:

Mayers connecting on the game winner as time ran out with a knuckleballer to send the game into over time, you:

Hasty sealing the victory in overtime for us had the stadium erupting:

What the Tech AD, Former Dean and President of the Alumni Association, and Fans being salty this week over the #Fumblegate non snap fumble call in overtime have been like:

It was a fun homecoming from start to finish. Now let’s #SicOSU!