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Take a deep breath. Bears are still undefeated!

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor wins a THRILLER in double overtime against Texas Tech to win the BUTT Bowl, become bowl eligible, and remain undefeated!

The first half of this game was, well, a little slow to say the least. Let me read the drive summaries to you so we can live it together once again:

Tech- Punt

Baylor- Punt

Tech- Punt

Baylor- Punt

Tech- Punt

Baylor- Interception

Tech- Field Goal

Baylor- Interception

Tech- Interception

Baylor- Field Goal

Tech- Fumble

Baylor- Punt

Tech- Field Goal

Baylor- Missed Field Goal

So yeah, defense was on fire. But the offense definitely had room to improve. Some noteworthy moments: Brewer threw his first interception of the season (and his second, and later in the second half... his third). Also, Tech had a verified BUTT fumble!

Baylor got nice field position on their last possession of the first half and moved the ball into “I guess you can try it” field goal range. They missed it and the half ended 6-3 in favor of Tech.

The second half immediately opened with offense. Baylor got a great 60 yard kickoff return to start with excellent field position. They capitalized on a 5 play touchdown drive, with Brewer running the ball in for a score. Baylor led 10-6.

Tech immediately responded with their own 5 play drive, 89 yard drive for a touchdown to retake a 13-10 lead. Baylor then brought the offense again and scored on a 7 play, 74 yard touchdown drive capped off with another Brewer touchdown run. Baylor retook the lead at 17-14.

After this flurry, the defenses came back to life. Tech was stopped on downs, Baylor punted, and Tech punted. Baylor then had a promising drive that got them all the way to the Tech 4 yard line. But on 3rd down, Charlie Brewer threw a boneheaded interception in the endozone. No points.

Tech started driving on the next possession and made it all the way to the Baylor 21. Luckily, Clay Johnston came up big and nabbed himself an interception. Not so luckily, Johnston injured himself on the return and sat out for the rest of the game.

Baylor ultimately punted on the next drive. Tech responded with a LONG 88 yard touchdown drive, taking the lead 20-17 with 1:37 left.

Baylor started the deciding drive in a bad place. They were backed up and then Brewer took a sack on the one yard line. Trestan Ebner came up HUGE next play, though, and caught a pass for a first down to move the Bears out of their own endzone. Baylor grabbed another first down after that. Denzel Mims then made an absolutely INCREDIBLE top 10 play with a sideline grab to get the Bears into Tech territory. Ebner then followed it up with another GREAT catch down the middle to put the Bears on the 21. Thornton got a nice grab for another five yards and got out of bounds. Baylor had 20 seconds left on the clock.

Charlie Brewer then kept it and ran it all the way up to the five yard line. Brewer threw a great ball to Denzel Mims in the end zone but he dropped it. Six seconds left on the clock. Brewer threw again to Mims but he was very clearly held. And with three seconds left Baylor brought the kicking unit out for a 20 yard attempt. After plenty of delays and icing John Mayers hit the ugliest chip shot I’ve probably ever seen. But nonetheless, it tied the game up as the clock expired. Time for some extra BUTT.

Tech won the toss and elected to defend first. The Bears ran for a loss, then had a weird illegal snap/fumble that was luckily erased by the penalty. Mims then caught a HUGE ball and got up to the one yard line. Baylor snapped the ball and got in but the play was ruled dead because of an objectively bad replay. It didn’t matter though, Brewer sneaked it in for his third rushing touchdown of the game.

Tech then got their turn with the ball. They opened with a false start. They got the yards back with a 5 yard screen play. Duffey threw an incompletion on the next play to bring up 3rd & 10. He kept the ball and ran for 8 to make it 4th & 2. Tech ran it and barely got the yardage to get a first down. The next first down run only went for about a yard. Tech ran it for 5 to make it 3rd & 4. Tech threw it up and Baylor interfered in the endzone to put the ball on the 2. Tech threw a touchdown to T.J. Vasher, tying it up 27-27.

Double OT.

Tech opened the second extended period with the ball. Bravvion Roy came up with a HUGE tackle for loss to open the drive. Duffey then threw the ball away on second down to make it 3rd & 14. Tech ran a draw and got it all the way to 4th & 2, but Tech elected to kick the field goal to take a 30-27 lead.

Baylor ball.

The opening play was a handoff to John Lovett for two yards. Brewer threw a nice pass to JaMycal Hasty who made some great moves to get the ball to the five yard line. Hasty then followed it up with THE GAME WINNER.

33-30 Final.

People are going to complain about some of the things that happened in this game but bottom line. Baylor is BOWL ELIGiBLE, UNDEFEATED, AND (should be) STILL RANKED. They play at Oklahoma State next weekend. There’s some injuries to wonder about but we’ll worry about that later in the week.

Sic ‘em undefeated Baylor Bears!!!