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Football, 5-0, SicEm All!

I think we can all agree (doesn’t matter as it’s still what I think) that we dominated in Manhattan. It also feels great to be 5-0 heading into our Homecoming game against Tech. I didn’t go to the game, so no tailgating. However, I did dust off a couple of pictures from the last time I was up there in 2015:

Got to hang out with these guys, bonus points if anyone can guess who they are:

Hint: One is a Bear and one is a Wildcat.

Now to the game:

Listening to the announcers gush about the Wildcats before (and during the game) you were:

When the game began and you heard that KSU was sending Blake Lynch on to attempt a field goal your first thought was:

Lynch converted, but John Mayers matched it in the 2Q for our Bears...much too the dismay of the KSU fans:

Thornton, with his sure hands and TD, even won the approval of this Texas guy (of course he’s a BU fan):

When Brewer left the game and didn’t return you were:

But later when you found out he was ok:

What Lovett looked like in the 2nd Half:

What Clay Johnston looked like to every KSU ball carrier the entire game:

What now pops into your mind when you watch out Defense dominate games:

Looking forward to Homecoming and becoming bowl eligible. If you see me tomorrow, come up and say hi. I’m harmless (sorta). #JustReadyForHomecoming #SicTech