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Defense, Offense, Bowls, Babies, and Business

She’s welcome to tag along to the tailgates/sailgates with BNT. Of course, mom and dad are invited too. We will be dining on frog legs that day.

Click here for instructions, Stan: Baylor Proud

Sacee’s at 719 11th Street. It’s authentic southern comfort food. The other day the greens I had there were the best I’ve ever tasted.

Me pausing while doing the Mailbag to think about the greens I ate at Sacee’s:

Mims. He’s going to burn some DB’s.

All of them?

We really need to coordinate a meet and greet this year. Anyone up to the task? You can join me in tailgating as well.

The magical answer tied to the question. Thanks Aqua!

Although he wasn’t listed on the UTSA game depth chart, CMR said he should be available for Saturday. If so, he will help a great deal. Otherwise, I expect to see Chad and Ross have solid games.

We certainly had trouble executing as time and again we lost containment on the edge. Our safeties continue to look a bit susceptible as well. I’m sure this has been addressed this week (I hope). Has Snow lost what? As for what is missing? My wish list would be disruptive edge rushers and solid safety play.

Thanks for asking! The business is going amazingly well. The sharks are all fighting for a piece of it.

But, I’m like

That’s it for this week. Leave questions or comments below.