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It’s that time of the year again as we get to poke fun at ourselves and opposing teams in GIF’s.

As usual, a little tailgating/sailgating took place at McLane and I may or may not have participated. Ok, I sacrificed and participated...what a chore.

Good times hanging out with MarkTBower at John and Jeannie’s tailgate.

Had to share some beverages/food at the Mr. and Mrs. PoppyBear tailgate...TXWayne joined us.

To make sure I was impartial, I hit up the sailgating with FunkyColdMD! I have to admit he was throwing a better Bear Claw. Then again, I had already visited several tailgates by the time I ran into him.

On to the game!

Pulling up to McLane for the first game of the year after what seemed to be an off season that lasted an eternity you were:

Seeing the BU’22 Line run the field for the first time and then looking across the field at their section packed it made you feel:

Jumping out to an early 17-0 lead you were:

Watching McClendon hit Jones on the beautiful pitch and catch in the end zone:

Then seeing the D give up 20 points late in the 1st and through the 2nd Quarters:

What the combination of Hasty and Lovett seemed like to the ACU defense:

As always, Team MVP Connor Martin was:

Now it’s your turn to add your view of the game in GIF’s.