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Quick Reactions to Baylor’s Depth Chart for UTSA

NCAA Football: Abilene Christian at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

  • Verkedric Vaughns isn’t listed anywhere. You’ve got to think that he’s injured. He had one big missed tackle that led to the ACU long touchdown run, but other than that I thought he played well enough.
  • Blake Lynch replaces him as the starting safety. Remember, he was the backup SAM last week. As I predicted in my initial depth chart musings thread, I think Lynch plays a variety of roles on defense. As we saw last year when he played WR, and against ACU when he tried to run their RB down (and he had an angle) he is fast but not a true burner. I think Rhule feels comfortable playing Lynch against a run-heavy team like UTSA. Expect to see a lot more of him at LB against 4 and 5 wide teams.
  • Jalen Pitre is back as the backup SAM after being listed as the backup WILL last week. I think this is a bit of a disappointing development for Baylor. I had high-hopes for Pitre locking down the WILL spot after a promising freshman year. But at WILL you really have to play with toughness. Maybe he goes back when the other SAM, Bryson Jackson, gets healthy.
  • Eleasah Anderson listed as the starting LT. Rhule has mentioned he thinks Jake Fruhmorgen will be ready this week, though. Still, expect to see a lot of Anderson since Fruh will be coming back from injury and won’t be ready to play every series.
  • Loved what I saw from Derrek Thomas last week. He erased the boundary. Him and Grayland Arnold are both back starting again.