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Matt Rhule UTSA Press Conference Notes

Both QBs will play; Malin out for several weeks

NCAA Football: Abilene Christian at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Rhule revealed that both quarterbacks will play again this week. UTSA lost to Arizona State 49-7, so it’s not surprising he’ll give the guys at least one more week to win the job. Hopefully someone has done that after this week.

Rhule said he hasn’t decided if they’ll use the two series rotation again. He expected to wait until Thursday to decide how to handle playing both. He’s also unsure who will start. When asked if someone would eventually be the guy, Rhule said, “I don’t think that way...I’m just thinking about doing what’s right today.”

Josh Malin will be out at least four weeks.” Luckily Jake Fruhmorgen is back. The Clemson transfer missed week one and should start at either left or right tackle. Johncarlo Valentin may be back as well.

After a disappointing week stopping the run, the Bears will have Clay Johnston back at linebacker.

Rhule was excited about the team. He mentioned the defense not allowing any points in the fourth quarter, and the receivers, especially Jalen Hurd and Chris Platt, blocking extremely well.

The main concern in the press conference was about allowing too many big plays.