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Tailgating, Victory, Ready for OU

Thought I’d save the GAME IN GIFs for this morning to get you ready for OU! Now on to the KU game.

As usual, too much fun tailgating before the game...well, it’s never TOO MUCH fun!

Got to hangout with ODB’s BaylorBear4Life, Linda Carol and her hubby Bob

Enjoyed the Creekside Bear Crew tailgate and meeting ODB’s Brad and Lisa Mac

Was the corn hole honorary ref at this Baylor Line tailgate...hmm, I think my form is amazing

Realizing there would be no QB rotation and that Charlie would be driving the bus against KU you were

Then watching Charlie play a flawless game

Watching Tyquan Thornton emerging as a key target for Charlie

Seeing John Lovett’s Blocking destroy defenders

What James Lynch looked like to the entire KU team

What it was like watching the game the 2nd Half

But, realizing we played a complete game and came away with the first conference win of the season you were

1-0 in conference play and now I’m just ready for OU!

Add yours!