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Big 12 Power Rankings 9/24

Some changes!

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As always, these rankings are predictive.

1) Oklahoma- Yes, they struggled against Army, but the Sooners had been awesome before that. I certainly am less confident they’ll make the playoffs, and worried West Virginia could catch them.

2) West Virginia- Another week, and another win for the Mountaineers. Will Grier has been excellent.

3) Texas- There is no good option for No. 3. Texas is not back. But the rest of the league isn’t either.

4) TCU- They took a devastating loss to Texas, and faded horribly in the second half against Ohio State. I’m betting they recover.

5) Texas Tech- Their loss to Ole Miss still remains a big issue. But if we did power rankings without trying to predict the future, this team would be ranked No. 3. They picked up a giant win over Oklahoma State.

6) Oklahoma State- The Cowboys were handled pretty well by Texas Tech. Maybe it’s a one week issue. The schedule is very favorable until the final three games.

7) Iowa State- The Cyclones haven’t looked too impressive this season, and after a string of close victories against very good teams last season, they look like a team that will battle for a bowl.

8) Baylor- At their best, Baylor looks capable of playing stretches with anyone in the league. At their worst, the Bears look capable of getting absolutely rolled by the top half of the league. If Baylor can put together consistent games, the Bears have a decent shot to go bowling.

9) Kansas State- Bill Snyder said after Saturday’s loss that, “I can’t coach a team that can’t get six inches.” The Wildcats are in serious danger of losing eight or nine games.

10) Kansas- Just how bad is Rutgers? Kansas has some decent players, but after Saturday’s loss to Baylor, David Beaty’s era is surely over after this season.