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Q&A with Rock Chalk Talk for Baylor-Kansas

Talking football!

NCAA Football: Baylor at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

I exchanged questions and answers with Andy Mitts, the managing editor of Rock Chalk Talk.

My answers will be up on Rock Chalk Talk at noon.

How many wins do you think David Beaty needs to get another year?

My thought has always been 4 minimum, with most of the losses being competitive. But the loss to Nicholls State to open the season left a really bad taste in the mouth of a lot of KU people. To be 100% safe, he probably needs to go bowling.

Do you view the last two wins as a turning point, or was that a bad KU team beating really bad teams?

I think it was a legitimately good defense finally getting the offensive support that it needed to stay good throughout an entire game. This defense has actually been consistently talented and capable, but constant turnovers by the offense or inability to stay on the field has put the defense in horrible situations, and their stats have suffered.

Do I think the turnovers continue at this pace? No. But this team does have some talent at creating situations that can lead to turnovers, so multiple turnovers a game are not unreasonable.

But, those teams are really bad too.

What do you think will be KU’s starting five, and will Mitch Lightfoot redshirt?

Lightfoot would be a good redshirt candidate, but I’m not sure how likely that will be with some uncertainty about Silvio De Sousa. I’m not saying that I think there will be an eligibility issue with him, but it’s at least still an open question.

As for the starting 5, I’m still not sure. Obviously Lawson and Azubuike. I’m assuming Marcus Garrett and Quentin Grimes are probably starting. The last spot could go to Devon Dotson, Charlie Moore or Lagerald Vick.

What’s your biggest concern with a Kansas defense that has played very well to start the season?

At this point I think injury risk. A lot of players have excelled, but I’m not sure the same level of play will come from different combinations. Also, how much of this has been luck?

Who wins this game?

I haven’t checked the weather this morning, but my understanding is that it has been raining and will continue to throughout the game. This favor the defenses and running games, which I think both work in the Jayhawks favor. I swore I wouldn’t drink the Kool-aid again so early, but I can’t help it. KU in a close one.

What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year?

I don’t get too many chances to watch movies, but the one I did was Black Panther. If you somehow haven’t seen it yet, it’s on Netflix, so don’t wait any longer.