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Not The Desired Outcome, But We Can Have Fun

As usual, I had a blast meeting with and hanging out with ODB fans and some great tailgates!

A couple of ODB lurkers...why?!

Good looking group of ODB fans at the Mojo Ranch tailgate. Particularly that guy on the far right...*ahem*

ODB fans were doing some serious eating at the Green and Gold forever tailgate

Who knew I’d get an audience with royalty before the game?! None other than one of our Men’s Basketball co-captains this season, King McClure!

Now on to the game in GIFS

How you felt when we fell into a quick 23-0 hole the 1st Half

How you pacified yourself during halftime

But in the 3rd Q with Charlie marching us down the field and the blocked punt for scores you

Then, when Duke answered with a 75 yd scoring drive of their own it made you feel like

What our offensive lack of urgency and pace of play seemed like the 4th Quarter

What the stadium seats looked like the 4th Q

But, leaving McLane you realized that we are still 0-0 in conference play and have KU the next Saturday

Now it’s your turn. Leave your GIFs below!