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As usual, I had a good time pregame hanging out and meeting other Bears as well as crashing opposing fans pregame party:

Got to meet SicEm365’s (and ODB follower) Grayson Grundhoefer and his fun group.

It’s always a blast hanging out with ODB’s OsoJD/Laurie and their clan.

Invited myself, I mean asked to join in with a group of UTSA faithful. Extra points as I got one of them to sorta throw up the Bear claw. She looks a tad confused, but so am I...usually.

Wonderful meeting ODB’s Mr. and Mrs. DominionBear.

Now to the game!

You and your crew walking into the Alamodome are having sweet flashbacks to our last game there (2011 Alamo Bowl):

When we take our first drive of the game to the house just like the days of old! Bears 7-0!

Your usual reaction when you see Connor Martin trot on to the field for a FG conversion attempt.

When LOVETT in the 2nd Q crushes a UTSA defender!

When you saw the near fatal sack of McClendon that set up a short score for UTSA before the half.

But, Brewer comes out slinging it in the 3rd Q hitting Hurd for the TD!

What the refs where really discussing during the 2 controversial no calls that GAVE UTSA their final score of the night.

But, in the end leaving the Alamodome with your buddies, 2-0 doubling our victory output of last season.

Now it’s your turn...and...Sic Duke!