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OurDailyBookie: Week 3

Week 2 was...fine. Week 3 looks interesting.

Week 2 showed itself to be a middling 2-2 start to this whole experiment. I defend my logic behind both matchups that lost.

I just did not comprehend how mediocre this Texas team was, nor did many people see Kellen Mond playing the game of his life against a Clemson defense riding an unrivaled offseason hype.

Millionaires only win 51% of the time. I’m close enough for now.

To Recap:

Week 2 Recap

Week 2 Game Final Score Bet $ Bet Odds To Win $ Won
Week 2 Game Final Score Bet $ Bet Odds To Win $ Won
Cincinnati +1 @ Miami Ohio Cincinnati - 21 Miami OH - 0 Win $10 -110 $9 $9
Texas -23 vs Tulsa Texas - 28 Tulsa - 21 Loss $40 -110 $36 -40
Clemson -13 @ Texas A&M Clemson - 28 Texas A&M - 26 Loss $50 -110 $45 -50
Baylor -15.5 @ UTSA Baylor - 37 UTSA - 20 - - -110 -
Total $100 $90 -$81

The Bets: Week 3

BYU @ Wisconsin -22.5 ($40)

Wisconsin feels like a team that is out to make as much of a statement as possible, and boy howdy, BYU will let them. Jonathan Taylor is currently earning nearly a first down all by himself running the ball, and has already amassed five touchdowns in two games. I like him to collect 2-3 more and for Wisconsin to win by 28.

Mizzou -7.5 @ Purdue ($40)

“Purdue is butt” sounds harsh, but it might be true after losing to Eastern Michigan last week. The Boilermaker defense is not built to withstand talented passers, and Missouri happens to have that club in the bag. Drew Lock passed at a 73% completion rate for almost 400 yards and 4 scores. (Yes, against a woeful Wyoming team.) It is very hard for me to imagine Purdue keeping this within two scores when the 4th Quarter starts.

Rutgers +2.5 @ Kansas ($20)

So, we are already approaching “Matt has a problem” territory here. Yes, I am betting on a Kansas football game. I don’t have enough (read: any) faith in the Jayhawk coaching staff to have their team focused enough to not lose to a “not the worst in the world” Rutgers team. There is no home field advantage.

The Baylor Bet

Duke @ Baylor (-6)

It’s time. I’m ready.

A smarter man would’ve taken this game earlier in the week at Baylor -2. I held off to see exactly what the situation was with injuries on both sidelines. It looks like Duke’s standout quarterback Daniel Jones is out with a shoulder injury, placing first time starter Quentin Harris in a tough spot. Duke is also going to be missing starting cornerback Mark Gilbert.

To pile on to the situation, Duke will be traveling to Waco a day early to avoid any weather related issues due to Hurricane Florence which is expected to make landfall on Friday along the Carolinas.

Baylor has the talent to take advantage of Duke’s depth issues, especially since the Bears get healthier along the offensive line with JohnCarlo Valentin returning this week.

My only concern is momentum. I’m a believer in it, but I don’t know how real it is with this team. Can the coaching staff improve? Will there be the same distribution of snaps for both quarterbacks?

In the end, I think there is just so much adversity staring Duke in the face. I respect David Cutcliff about as much as you can respect a coach with a 61-67 overall record, but I think Baylor wins semi-comfortably on Saturday.

For this week’s sportsbook lesson, make sure to go listen to David Hornbeak pop in on OurDailyPodcast. Good stuff.