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Matt Rhule’s Duke Press Conference Updates

Two QBs still; Valentin back

NCAA Football: Baylor at Texas-San Antonio Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Rhule met with the media and provided updates and analysis on a few big questions.

Two QBs still:

After Charlie Brewer played the entire second half and earned Pro Football Focus’ QB of the Week award, it seemed like the competition might have ended. But Rhule still plans to play both guys. Rhule said, “Charlie is a little more move around in the pocket. Jalan gets the ball down field a little bit farther. But I think they’re both getting better, so we’ll continue to play both.”

Rhule added that McClendon’s stats were hurt by some drops and bad routes. He certainly might have looked better if the left tackle didn’t get blown up before halftime.

McClendon looked excellent against ACU. It’s understandable Rhule wants to give both guys time, but Brewer looked a decent clip better against UTSA. I think he secures the job soon.


The Bears should have everyone but Josh Malin this week.

Johncarlo Valentin, a junior college All-American, has missed the first two games. But Rhule said, “Johncarlo will be a full go....Fruhmorgen has now played a week. He’s got some more confidence in his knee that he can do it.”

Offensive Line:

Rhule signaled the offensive line as a big problem against UTSA. Rhule said, “Most importantly, up front on the offensive line, we have to play significantly better against an outstanding Duke defensive line.”

The offensive line was probably the worst position group last season. The group allowed quite a few hurries against UTSA, and couldn’t get much of a push in short yardage situations. That will need to change quickly.

Onside kick:

Baylor recovered an onside kick in the first half. Rhule said that four different coaches pushed for him to make the call. He finally felt confident and then called a wide receiver reverse pass that led to a giant gain.

I’m a big fan of Rhule being aggressive. The team has an insane wide receiver group. Anytime they have a chance to get them the ball, they should take it. Sometimes those gambles—like with the onside kick—will work. Sometimes they’ll fail—like the attempt to score before halftime. But the Bears should be willing to fail if it means a chance to get Denzel Mims, Jalen Hurd or Chris Platt the ball.