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College Football Week 0 Preview

Alabama v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images


Usually, this post will be used to preview Big 12 games of the upcoming week, but given that there are no Big 12 teams playing in the “Week 0” of college football, we’ll take a very brief look at the FBS games you can whet your appetite with tomorrow as you wait for Baylor to kickoff next weekend.

Duquesne @ UMass

Saturday, August 25th 4:30 PM CT, Eleven Sports Network

The official first game of the FBS college football season. I have no idea how to access this sports network... but hey if you can, you can catch some college football before most everyone else!

Prairie View @ Rice

Saturday, August 25th 6:00 PM CT, ESPN+

The first game that will likely be available for most of us, this will be interesting not because of the game itself (which Rice should easily win), but for judging Rice’s chance at upsetting some of the bigger foes on its schedule (Houston, Wake Forest, and LSU).

Hawai’i @ Colorado State

Saturday, August 25th 6:30 PM CT, CBSSN

This ought to be an interesting game to gauge how Colorado State looks this year. Many are high on them as one of the better G5 teams this year. If they can string together some wins they certainly have the schedule (Colorado, Arkansas, Florida, Boise State) to play spoiler to a New Years 6 bowl game. Hawai’i isn’t expected to be very good, with Colorado State favored by 14.

Wyoming @ New Mexico State

Saturday, August 25th 9:00 PM CT, ESPN2

This is certainly the premiere game of the weekend, at least in terms of how competitive it might be. Wyoming has a 62.8% chance of winning on the road... but that’s almost 30% lower than any of the other favored teams’ chances. If you want some late night college football to tide you over until next weekend, this is the game to pick.