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Baylor Football Depth Chart Reaction and Roster Updates

The Bears have a new depth chart! And two roster moves

Texas Tech v Baylor Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Baylor released an updated depth chart. Many of us at ODB had a busy Monday, so sorry for not getting out the news earlier. But Craig Smoak of ESPN 1660 and SicEm365 tweeted out the full list:

The biggest surprise is that Josh Malin is currently listed as the starting left tackle. Jake Fruhmorgen started several games for Clemson’s national championship team. But I expect Frughmorgen to start week one.

Derrick Thomas is also not listed, but he should be on the field quite a bit, if not starting at corner. He transferred from Temple.

We’ll see if Gerry Bohanon is the backup quarterback all season. This blog believes in Bohanon. But the team would likely prefer to red-shirt the top prize from the 2018 recruiting class. With new NCAA red-shirt rules, Bohanon can play four games without losing eligibility. That seems the most likely path.

I’d expect James Lynch and Bravion Roy to see the field a ton. Lynch broke out lasts season, and Roy has shown huge moments in his first two years.

This is a spring depth chart. Matt Rhule will address the media tomorrow. Some guys might be listed down to motivate them. Others might be hurt and running more with the second team. Things will likely change at some spots by the start of the season.

DeMarco Artis and Rajah Preciado Transferring

The two have elected to transfer. Colt Barber from SicEm365 broke that story.

Artis, a big-time recruit in the 2017 class, wasn’t in line to play much this season. Preciado also didn’t seem likely to see the field too often. I certainly can’t blame guys for leaving if they think they’ll play more somewhere else. There’s no hint of a problem off the field, so we wish them all the best wherever they land.