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Spring Game Sail/Tailgate Food Open Thread

NCAA Football: Northwestern State at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the spring game coming this next weekend, it’s a perfect time to get the grills ready and talk about what your favorite tailgating dishes and beverages are, what your secrets are, and all around what makes your tailgate special!

For me, I’m a fairly simple tailgater. I usually breakout my small charcoal grill and get some brats going on it. Then I put them in the HEB bakery hoagie buns, throw some mustard on top, and maybe get some grilled onions and peppers going as additional toppings, and voila! I usually add some chips or baked beans to the side and maybe pick up a dessert like a cookie cake. Top it off with a 12 pack of Dr Peppers and I’ve got the fuel I need for a day of Baylor football.

What are your favorite tailgating foods? Any tips or tricks you have? I’ve seen tailgates that are far more elaborate than mine. Let us know in the comments!