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College Football Kickoff Rule Change

NCAA Football: Baylor at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA has approved a new college football kickoff rule that could drastically change the way teams field kickoffs, leading to more touchbacks and more drives starting from the 25 yard line.

The new rule allows receiving teams to call for a fair catch on a kickoff anywhere within the 25 yard line, leading to a touchback and the drive starting on the 25 yard line. The rule was accepted in the hopes of causing more kickoffs to become touchbacks, since touchbacks lead to less injuries. This is another minimization of the importance of kickoffs, taking away the ability to aim a kick within the 25, forcing a return and possible bad field position.

The NCAA also passed rules changing how blocks below the waist are officiated, play clock resets after touchdowns and kickoffs, replay official location, 10-second runoffs after reviews, and enforcement of penalties after field goals. For a complete list of rule changes for this coming season, check this release on the NCAA’s website.

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