Lets make the spring football game a Beartastic event

For my entire life I have gone by one name, my own. I now have so many user names and pass words, its hard to remember them all. I am under cover on the Our Daily Bears web site as nj papa bear. For all you geography buffs NJ stands for New Jersey, which is where I live. Now hold on to your hats, mama bear and I are attending the Baylor University spring football game. Why, because we love Baylor University and Baylor football.

The spring football game needs to be a celebration, an event, a party! I can't think of any better way to show support for these young men and their coaches, than to fill up Mclane stadium. These young men are coming out of hibernation and are getting ready to rock the field. Our players put their mind and body on the line for our great university. Lets bust out with a little spring love for this team!

There will be recruits visiting for the game. They may be on the fence about choosing to attend Baylor University. They need to see Baylor has tremendous fan support, the most fantastic stadium and facilities and is the place to be. I am tired of an orange cow and red sooner ( whatever that is ) thinking they are it, they are not it, Baylor is it!

I am calling on the student body, alumni, friends, family and anyone who can get to Mclane stadium, to show up and rock the house! If your a mama or papa bear bring the cubs. If you have a mama or papa bear take them out, I am sure they'd like to see you.

Heidi, at the Baylor U ticket office tells me the stadium opens at 10 am. The first 5,000 fans get a Baylor U football poster, and guess what, all you need is a heart beat and you are in, it's FREE! You can sit any where you want. How about the first row at the 50 yard line, where the big bears sit, go for it.

I can't think of a better way to spend Saturday afternoon on April 21st. Hope the band is there. I am going to be there, will you? Sic 'em!!

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