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Final Four Picks and Thoughts

The Final Four!

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Practice Day Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

I have Villanova beating Kansas 76-70. The Wildcats have the second best KenPom offense since 2002. Udoka Azubuike will either have to defend Omari Spellman on the perimeter, or the Jayhawks will need to craft a clever defense to account for him. I think Villanova puts Kansas’ defense in tough spots, and the Jayhawks miss some threes today.

I have Loyola over Michigan 72-68. The Rambles do a nice job taking advantage of the weak-side, and despite Michigan having a much better defense this season (4th in adjusted defense), I think Porter Moser’s squad makes it one more round.

The games start on CBS at 5:09. Kansas-Villanova will tip 40 minutes later.

If you want to know what Baylor is looking to improve, and needs to improve to return, it’s offense:

Hopefully Baylor can land Tyler Harris, get a healthy Makai Mason and secure a good graduate transfer. Michigan and Loyola didn’t seem like Final Four teams when the season started. Let’s crash the party next year.

Until then, still Sic ‘Em!