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Round Two, Baylor Lady Bears vs Michigan Wolverines, NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, Preview and Gamethread

Baylor Women’s Basketball, vs Michigan, 7:30 PM CT, Ferrell Center, Listen, Watch ESPN2, Sic ‘em Lady Bears!

NCAA Womens Basketball: Big 12 Conference Tournament - Championship Game
“Your mama spanked you harder than that.” (Coach Mulkey 2018)
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Flaherty and Thome. Those two names you’ll be tired of hearing after a few minutes into today’s match between Baylor and Michigan which starts at 7:30 PM CT in the Ferrell Center and on ESPN 2. You’ll hear those names if you listen to the radio broadcast on Baylor/IMG or KRZI/ESPN. You’ll hear the names more during the post game press conference 9:30 PM CT on Baylor All Access.

Katelynn Flaherty is Michigan’s 5’7” point guard that’s had a basketball in her hand since age 3 and scouted by colleges since the 3rd grade. She stops on a dime and shoots the three or charges down the lane for a layup with equal ease. For Flaherty, the lane extends two feet to the right of the paint where she will charge down parallel to and outside of the paint like a rocket toward the baseline and when she sees the smallest crease launches herself floating with basketball gracefully leaving her fingers and into the basket. When there is no crease, her hesitation dribble creates one. When teams move over two feet to protect that outside of the lane she darts down the middle to equal effect. When both lanes are closed, she has Hallie Thome down on the left post. But don’t forget the three. She was 2-2 from three point land against Northern Colorado and 6-6 from the free throw line. If you give her space she takes net. If you foul her, you’ll hear a swish.

Hallie Thome is Michigan’s 6’5” center. Her favorite spot to shoot is down on the left post. Sound familiar? It should, that’s Kalani Brown’s favorite spot. Thome is shooting 61.6% from the field.

Michigan vs. Baylor - Game Preview - March 18, 2018 - Stats LLC via ESPN, Michigan senior point guard Katelynn Flaherty, the Wolverines' career scoring record-holder with more than 2,700 points, definitely benefited from the 16 extra games the Wolverines have played in the WNIT in the past three seasons.

On Sunday, the 5--foot-7 Flaherty, 5-11 senior forward Jillian Dunston and 6-5 center Hallie Thome will lead the Wolverines into a game in which they have to slow down the likes of Baylor 6-7 center Kalani Brown, 6-2 swing player Dekeiya Cohen and 6-4 forward Lauren Cox.

Baylor's front court trio combined for 69 points and 41 rebounds as they crushed Grambling 96-46 on Friday.

Round of 32 NCAA Tournament Preview: No. 2 Baylor vs. No. 7 Michigan, SummittHoops, Baylor’s rebound rates really pop off the screen.

They boast the best offensive rebounding rate in the country (for the second year in a row) and are third in the country on the other end. The Lady Bears do play at a faster pace than you might think (73.3 possessions per 40 minutes, ranking in the 83rd percentile). They are top four in the country in both points scored and points allowed per 100 possessions.

Michigan’s 40.2% clip on threes is third best in the country, though that relies almost entirely on Flaherty and Munger. Michigan’s defense hasn’t generated very many steals this season, though keeping Brown and Cox off the offensive glass could almost accomplish the same thing — Flaherty has a mean hesitation dribble, and could create a lot of problems for Baylor if she gets downhill before Baylor’s bigs get all the way back.

Flaherty, Michigan women face big NCAA challenge at Baylor - The Washington Post, Michigan coach Kim Barnes Arico has no doubt that Katelynn Flaherty’s jersey will hang in the rafters at Ann Arbor one day.

Sic ‘em Lady Bears!

Famous OBF Quote: “I think the Lady Bears will do fine today. Flaherty and Thome won’t be enough to slow down the Lady Bears’ fast paced offense. Juicy’s ready.”

Bench Production

Look to see Didi Richards get more playing time today as she has the “meanness” and speed to counter Flaherty. She will be instrumental in giving needed rest to Baylor’s starters.


Baylor Lady Bears Close Out NCAA First Round With 50 Point Margin of Victory Over the Grambling Tigers - Our Daily Bears, It was over when . . . and up next, Michigan. Full coverage.