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NCAA Tournament: Thursday Gambling Picks

I don’t bet these!

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Four Practice Brian Spurlock -USA TODAY Sports

After starting the NCAA Tournament very well last year, things went catastrophically wrong with the gambling picks. Maybe that will happen again!

I don’t bet these. Consider betting the opposite, or whatever you’d like to do.

Here’s who I have.

Oklahoma (+2) v. Rhode Island- The Sooners have been realbad for most of the last month. But I think Trae Young has at least one more moment. And with St. Bonaventure fans attacking me on Twitter, I can’t find any non-Davidson Atlantic-10 allies. Oklahoma wins.

Tennessee (-12) v. Wright State- The line has moved against Tennessee. I’m not sure why. Wright State’s offensive rankings are not good, and Tennessee is exceptional on defense.

Gonzaga (-12.5) v. UNC Greensboro- KenPom only has Gonzaga by 10. But I think the Bulldogs are playing exceptional basketball and pull away late.

Kansas (-13.5) v. Penn- The Quakers are the best 16 seed in years. Kansas could also be without Udoka Azubuike. The Jayhawks won the Big 12 Tournament without him. Penn is still a 16 seed. Kansas rolls.

Iona (+21) v. Duke- Iona’s not winning this game. But I could see Duke working some man-to-man or calling off the dogs. There’s a big back-door cover potential here.

Loyola Chicago (+1.5) v. Miami- Take Loyola straight up. Miami’s injured and underachieved this season. Maybe their talent overwhelms Loyola Chicago. I think Loyola’s the better team.

South Dakota State (+8.5) v. Ohio State- This is a popular upset pick. I don’t have the upset, but Ohio State hasn’t been great to end the season. South Dakota State keeps it close.

NC State (+2) v. Seton Hall- Angel Delgado is by far the best player in this game. But Al Freeman has a nice game and then goes cold against Kansas on Saturday. Watch Seton Hall win in a route now, but I like NC State.

Villanova (-23.5) v. Radford- Villanova has an offense that’s hard to call off. They win with ease.

Davidson (+5) v. Kentucky- Kentucky wins a brutally close game. Davidson is the best team in the Atlantic-10. They could win, but I think Kentucky holds on late.

Houston (-4) v. San Diego State- Houston’s had a wonderful season. They’re a good clip better than San Diego State. I don’t see an upset here, though it’s a popular pick.

Stephen F. Austin (+11) v. Texas Tech- Texas Tech’s offense wanes, and Stephen F. Austin can turn Texas Tech over. They’ll keep it close.

Virginia Tech (-2) v. Alabama- Collin Sexton is superb. The Crimson Tide went on a nice run in the SEC. But this team’s offense isn’t great. Virginia Tech blew it against Notre Dame. They won’t in this one.

Arizona (-8.5) v. Buffalo- The Wildcats have been great lately, and Buffalo doesn’t have the defense to contain DeAndre Ayton.

Montana (+11) v. Michigan- The Wolverines are hot, but Montana is a good team. I don’t have the guts to call the upset, but I think they keep it within single digits.

Florida (-5.5) v. St. Bonaventure- After saying St. Bonaventure has no business in the NCAA Tournament, St. Bonaventure Twitter has blown me up. I maintain that team had no business in the field. Florida wins easily.