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Baylor vs New Orleans Recap

NCAA Basketball: Oregon at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor finished their non-conference schedule with an 84-44 win at the Ferrell Center on Saturday afternoon. Below are 3 brief thoughts on the game. Hopefully the blowout win can translate into conference play.

- Tristan Clark is starting to emerge as the clear leader of the team. He finished with 17 points/11 Rebounds/5 Blocks. His growing confidence will be crucial for the team going forward.

- Butler and Bandoo provided much needed bench relief. The two players combined for over 20 points.

- Baylor ended their non-conference play on a positive note. In the two months of non-conference play where Baylor played their worst half of the year (Wichita State), and endured 3 other losses, Baylor was able to finish off non-conference play winning 3 out of 4, including wins against 2 PAC-12 Opponents and a blowout win against New Orleans.