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Baylor-Vanderbilt: First Half Thoughts

Sic ‘Em!

NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-Baylor vs Vandebilt Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor trails Vanderbilt 21-17.

Here are four thoughts on the half:

1) Denzel Mims has been awesome- I don’t understand why Vanderbilt has given him single coverage so often. Without Jalen Hurd, it was obvious Baylor would target him. He had 61 yards on his two receptions, and if not for Sam Tecklenburg being downfield (they incorrectly said it was on Blake Blackmar), he’d have had even more yards.

2) Big plays kill this defense, again- Vanderbilt scored on a 65 yard screen on 3rd and 10. On the third drive, they scored on a 68 yard run. Then they scored on a 69 yard run (not nice).

3) Aggression works- Rhule called a double reverse pass by Gerry Bohanon early. He missed the throw. But Rhule stayed aggressive. On 4th and 1, John Lovett ran it in for the touchdown. On 4th and 1 at the Baylor 35—trailing by four points—Rhule elected to go. Brewer got the first. Just past the 50, Baylor went again and got it on a fullback fake, halfback pitch. Unfortunately Connor Martin missed a 25 yard field goal.

4) Brewer has been fantastic- He’s zipping the ball and looked great scrambling. After Vandebilt keyed in on Mims, he found Josh Fleeks on slants. With Baylor facing 3rd and 8 in the second quarter, he scrambled for the first.