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National Signing Day Is Coming!

The early signing day is December 19. Last year, the vast majority of Baylor’s football signees signed in the early signing day. Expect the same this year.

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone, that special time of year is forthcoming: national signing day. The day where we convince ourselves that 3 stars are just as good as 5 stars because of their work ethic, and especially our 3 stars that our coaches hand-selected—but TCU’s are bad!

But really, it is quite exciting. Matt Rhule and his staff (particularly Fran Brown) have proven themselves as elite recruiters, with his first two classes ranking 3rd and 4th in the Big 12, despite coming off a scandal. These classes were somewhat inflated because they took a ton of guys, but the results were impressive nonetheless.

This class will likely be smaller, because there are only 16 Seniors on the team, which allows for 16 open scholarships + players leaving early for the NFL + “attrition.” You always plan for a couple spots to come open from players transferring, so expect a class of around 20 incoming recruits.

Well, all of the recruiting services have us at 16 commits, which means that there are likely only a few spots left. Ultimately, only the coaches know exactly how many left, as they are privy to who is likely transferring and who they will try to nudge out. Because this class will probably be smaller than the ones in year’s past and most other schools, Baylor’s class ranking will seem somewhat low, but the quality of each individual recruit is impressive.

Image courtesy of 247 sports.

Like the past few years, I will be providing a detailed breakdown of each signee, with a particular focus on how they will likely fit in Baylor’s scheme and what their role/impact will be.

However, these write-ups take a long time, so I will be waiting until national signing day that way I will not waste my or your time writing breakdowns for players who ultimately sign elsewhere (it happens!).

I have watched the available film of the players currently committed to Baylor, so I would be happy to discuss or answer any questions that anyone might have about the class.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to look out for the class breakdowns forthcoming. Sic ’em!