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Conference Championships Game Thread

NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for this being a little. Washington and Utah are at halftime in the PAC 12 Championship game with the Huskies up 3-0.

Texas vs Oklahoma – This has the billing of a heavyweight fight. Jerry World will be absolutely rocking and the Big 12 will have all the nation’s eyes on it. I’ve heard some speculate that this game will go a lot different than first one, but I just don’t see that happening. Oklahoma may win, but it won’t be without a fight. As Baylor fans, the safest bet for moving up in the bowl game pecking order is a Texas win, but as college football fans I think everyone is curious to see how Kyler Murray can match up against Alabama.

Alabama vs Georgia – These two teams always seem to play in instant classics. I’m sure the NFL scouts will be all over this game. The SEC has had some real duds in their championship game the past few years, but I wouldn’t bet on that tomorrow afternoon.

Ohio State vs Northwestern – Why do I have the feeling that OSU will blowout Northwestern in an attempt to leapfrog the Sooners? By the time game time rolls around, OSU will know if they need to make this a statement game or not.

Clemson vs. Pitt – Pitt has shocked Clemson before. Can they do it again?