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Win one for Sailor Bear: Baylor Beats Oklahoma State 35-31

Down 10 with less than nine minutes left, Baylor won!

Oklahoma State v Baylor Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Down 10 with less than nine minutes remaining, Baylor (5-4, 3-3) found a way to beat Oklahoma State (5-4, 3-3). The Bears take on Iowa State next weekend in Ames (we’ll know the game time tomorrow).

This game seemed over. Some of us might have even finished up a game story for a Baylor loss. Baylor took over down 31-21 with nine minutes left. Charlie Brewer, who didn’t play most of the first three quarters because he missed the week due to the concussion protocol, hit Jalen Hurd for a big grab:

That play still left Baylor down by three. The Cowboys took over, and as they had all day, they ran effectively. But Baylor had Oklahoma State at 4th and 3 on the Bears side of the field. Baylor managed to wrap up the Cowboys and had one last shot.

Brewer led Baylor onto the field. The Bears were out of timeouts, and with the way the wind had been all day—Connor Martin had missed a 26 yard field goal, and Oklahoma State missed a kick that died in the wind—nobody wanted this to end on a kick. Trestan Ebner had a huge run, and after a roughing the passer, Baylor had first and goal.

Charlie Brewer elected to run on second and goal. The Bears had one last shot at the end zone before Martin would try to send it to overtime. He took the snap and gave Denzel Mims—a quiet man on the day—a chance to make a play. He made it:

This was a weird game. Baylor missed too many tackles. Oklahoma State pulled out a weird formation, and Christian Morgan blocked a punt that Ebner ran for a touchdown. Hurd ran the ball a lot and was awesome catching it. Jalan McClendon missed some throws, but his big plays let Baylor win this game.

This game really seemed over. But the Bears got it done. They just need to find a win in one of their final three games, including against a team that lost to Kansas in football. Baylor has never lost a game with Sailor Bear helmets.