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Bears Continue to Show Resiliency

NCAA Football: Baylor at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Amidst the chilly weather and drama with ejections, something was beginning to emerge in Ames, Iowa on Saturday night. Although we ultimately came up short, this Baylor team once again proved that they have the tenacity to fight through adversity. Down 20-0 late in 3rd quarter, Baylor went on tear offensively, only to be stopped by Charlie Brewer’s unsportsmanlike conduct and eventual ejection. As a fan of Baylor and college football in general, it felt like being robbed of an opportunity to watch a very entertaining ending. Nevertheless, it was a familiar sight to see this Baylor team fight through adversity.

In many ways, the toughness and perseverance that has been on display this year was beginning to be established last year. After being embarrassed in non-conference play, Baylor made two 4th quarter comebacks after being down double digits against both Oklahoma and West Virginia. Fortunately, that resilient spirit has continued this year. The Bears have won two games (Kansas State & Oklahoma State) after trailing in the 4th quarter. Maybe more importantly, the Bears have been able to bounce back from their two worst performances of the year with program building wins. Results that seemed improbable to fans after the way the Duke game played out.

This team seems to be one whose nerves do not rattle easily. Whether it’s poor weather conditions, trailing late in a game, or coming off a bad loss, the Bears have continued to battle through adversity. Obviously, the Bears can still be snakebit as a young team still going through growing pains and sometimes are just not as talented as the players across the line of scrimmage, but you have to admire their resiliency. The question still to be answered for Baylor is whether or not 2018 has been a successful football season. The looming last two regular season games will determine whether most fans view it as successful or not, but one key element has changed for this team. This Baylor squad is no longer one that puts their head down and waits for the end to come. A true testament to the players this coaching staff and leaders on the team.