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Big 12 Power Rankings 10/30

NCAA Football: Kansas at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

As always, these are predictive.

1) Oklahoma- The Sooners are the best team in the league. They need to take care of business, and then hope for a little bit of help to make the playoff.

2) West Virginia- Let’s not talk about their last game.

3) Iowa State- The Clones are rolling. This team remains a long-term threat.

4) Texas Tech- Other than Oklahoma, everyone seems capable of losing every week. Tech seems capable of beating anybody in the league though.

5) Texas- The Longhorns continue their streak of playing poorly against mediocre teams under Tom Herman. They need to turn it around to contend.

6) Oklahoma State- The easiest way to view this team is to think that maybe they just had a terrible week against Kansas State. But who knows where the world is going.

7) Baylor- You can argue for anybody in the 7-10 order. Baylor was abysmal last week. If they play like that in any other game, they’re losing each remaining game by 20+.

8) Kansas State- The Wildcats sure were terrible last week, but they’ve looked good more recently than TCU.

9) TCU- They sit in last place in the Big 12. Their off the field issues are impacting them. They lost to Kansas.

10) Kansas- A win over TCU won’t save David Beaty’s job.