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Baylor Goes Mountaineering, Succumbs to a Landslide

Baylor looked off from the get-go

NCAA Football: Baylor at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Things looked awry from the first drive, where West Virginia sent a WR in motion from the far side of the field, and true freshman safety Christian Morgan was looking to the sideline for a signal, missing the WR as he ran free for a touchdown.

Baylor began its first drive with a play that has been money for them all season: inside zone with an RPO slant to Denzel Mims behind it. Charlie delivered a perfect pass and Mims was unable to hold on as the West Virginia safety delivered a big hit and jarred the ball loose. This killed the drive and Baylor was forced to punt.

Baylor’s defense responded on the next drive, forcing a long field goal.

But the next drive Brewer again delivered a perfect pass to Mims on the same play as the first drive, but the Ball slipped through Mims’ hands and right into the waiting arms of the West Virginia defensive back. Baylor’s defense again withstood the blow, holding West Virginia to a field goal after they began the drive with great field position.

At this point, every Baylor fan knew that unless Baylor’s offense could start sustaining some drives, the Baylor defensive dam would soon burst and lead to a stream of West Virginia points.

But the offense continued to sputter. Brewer stayed in the game for several more drives which included two more interceptions. He looked off. this makes sense when we found out he left the game for concussion protocol.

McClendon played the rest of the game and looked good. In particular, his ability to stand in the pocket in the face of pressure and deliver the ball downfield is a major strength.

The Baylor defense continued to fight throughout the game, with starters continue to play, which I’m sure will draw consternation from many fans.

Overall, Baylor dug itself in a major hole in the first half. After 1.5 quarters, they found themselves in the same place as Hugh Jackman at the end of Prisoners, except there was no whistle to save them.

Most Baylor fans knew this would be a crazy Thursday night game at West Virginia, one of the most unique places to play in CFB. But of course nobody expected this.

At the end of the day, Baylor remains a young team that continues to tie its own shoelaces together and then shoot themselves in both feet. But Baylor has to get back on the horse, and they have 4 games to win 2 to become bowl eligible.