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Baylor Basketball Ranked 40th in Preseason KenPom Rankings

That would mean a season on the bubble

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Conference Tournament-West Virginia v Baylor Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor opens the season ranked 40th on KenPom. The Bears finished last season ranked 34th.

His rating system is considered one of the best. He evaluates the four factors of basketball: field goal percentage, free throw rate, rebound rate and turnovers. Each of those factors creates an adjusted offensive and defensive efficiency. He has Baylor at 52nd on offense and 32nd on defense. Baylor finished last season 62nd and 23rd in those categories.

KenPom really likes the Big 12. Kansas opens No. 1., including the No. 2 ranking on offense and the No. 1 ranking on defense. Nobody is ranked lower than 62nd. Every night in this league figures to be a fight.