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Baylor Football: Second Half Football Predictions

Sic ‘Em!

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Here are four predictions. Maybe they’re bold. After years on Twitter, I’ve lost the ability to know a hot take.

1) Baylor makes a bowl game- The Bears are 4-3. They’re likely to only be favored against Oklahoma State. That means Baylor needs to find one more win, assuming they can win on Homecoming. I’m guessing they’ll knock off Texas Tech to get their sixth win.

2) Baylor burns Sqwirl’s redshirt- After praising Matt Rhule for handling the situation well, I think he’ll end up playing in at least three more games.

3) Blake Lynch settles in at linebacker- Lynch has been unable to find a position, as he’s shifted from wide receiver to tailback to cornerback to safety. Now he’s at linebacker. He played well last week and earned PFF Big 12 Team of the Week honors.

4) Jalen Hurd is the Bears’ best player to end the season- This might seem obvious now—or maybe others think Charlie Brewer or James Lynch or Denzel Mims deserve this honor —but Hurd will be a force in the backfield and eliminate so many of the drops he’s had.