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Halftime: Baylor-UTSA Tied at 7

The offense hasn’t really gotten going yet, but the defense appears to have improved.

NCAA Football: Texas-San Antonio at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t the greatest first half of football in Baylor history, and we’re certainly not breaking any (good) offensive records in this game. Anu Solomon was just 1 for 5 with a particularly bad INT that killed a drive early, and the offenses as a whole had big problems with penalties that put us consistently behind the chains.

On the other side, the defense had its own fits and starts in combating UTSA’s KSU-like offensive scheme, but there were certainly bright spots. Clay Johnston appears to be playing a step faster this week than last, and he had a great play on fourth down that ended one of UTSA’s drives. Greg Roberts got himself a blocked field goal, too, and the defense as a whole has managed to pressure Dalton Sturm much more than they ever did Buckshot Calvert. Aside from a few busted plays where Sturm made something happen with his feet, we’ve done a decent job. Third downs are the biggest problem, but we knew that.

Can you believe we only ran 20 offensive plays in the first half? 20! I had to look twice to be sure! Until the last drive before the half, it was 18!

Anyway, UTSA gets the ball to start the second half. Hopefully the defense can step up and get us the ball back early.